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Your Screen Reads "CAL"

1. This is generally due to one of three things;

a. The table has just been installed. You must Calibrate (CAL) or sync the legs prior to installation. Failure to do so can result in damage to the table.
b. The table has been moved or reassembled. Again, the table needs to be calibrated prior to use.
c. Sometimes a power outage or severe storm can cause a reset in the memory and set the table to the "CAL" mode. Again, it just needs to be recalibrated.

2. NOTE: Prior to recalibrating this table, make sure you remove all items below the table that could either tip or stop the table from going all the way down. During the "CAL" recalibration mode, the table needs to go down to 23" off the floor. If you do not properly prepare to allow the table to go down, it could result in damage to the product, damage to other items in the way or result in personal injury.

3. Process to recalibrate "CAL" the table.
(Please make sure you follow item #2 and remove any items from under the table).
Again, the table will go down to 23" in height off the floor.

1. Press and Hold S for 5 secondsAfter 5 seconds the screen will begin to flash and read SET
2. Screen is reading SET.
Click the DOWN arrow until you see the word CAL
When the screen reads CAL, proceed to the next step.
3. With CAL showing in the Screen,
Click (press and release the S Button to start the calibration process.
This will begin the calibration process.
Allow the table to go down.
Once finished it will read "SUC" success
4. Once you have the SUC code, press the UP Arrow for a second to restart the table. The table should begin moving normally.