About Omnimax USA
North Texas distribution facility.

7711 County Road 513
Anna, Texas 75409 USA

972-924-2674 fax
Backup phone 616-293-0404 John

Hours of operation Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm Central Time US

Omnimax USA Video Tour
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Company history
We were founded in Texas in 2009 to provide a distribution conduit for our parent company to bring products in to the US and distribute them for the benefit of our customers.
Our services include warehouse, distribution and shipping of generic and private labeled products.

We are a part of a global company Jiangsu Omni Industrial Import Export Limited based in Jiangsu China. We have international capabilities for component parts in metal, aluminum, plastics, wood and fabrics. Our services include design, engineering, mold and tooling, custom products, stamping, forming, roll forming, welding, assembly, extrusion, plastic and metal molding, wood construction, fabrication and final assembly and custom packaging.

Our Facility is 60,000 sq ft with a 20-24 foot ceiling. Dock Height and drive in capability.

We provide products both from an international export program to US warehouse and distribution of components for small runs and logistics support for US, Canadian and Mexican customers.