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Office Cubicle Glass Tiles

The variety of office space cubicle glass tiles available for online orders will help you to customize the design of your modular cubicle system the way you want it and turn your office into an attractive and comfortable place to work. Among other benefits, replacement of the standard office cubicle stackers with these glass tiles will provide more light to enter the cubicle and enable better communication between employees in an open work environment. An open-plan office environment usually creates more collaboration between teams, promotes creativity and heightens overall levels of work satisfaction. Tempered glass will break into small pieces without the risk of causing major cut injuries if the glass stacker is accidentally damaged. These cubicle glass tiles match the many popular colors of office cubicles and are available in black umber (BU), medium tone (MT) and innertone light (HF) finish options and five sizes - 16H x 24W, 16H x 30W, 16H x 36W, 16H x 42W and 16H x 48W.

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