Plastic Desk Grommets

Efficient office equipment cable management allows employees to maintain a clutter- and distraction-free office environment, supporting higher focus and productivity in the workplace. One of the smallest and most functional components for cable management in an office environment is the plastic desktop grommet. Round plastic desk grommets are small parts designed in the shape of a ring or a cup that fits standard round holes predrilled in the desktop surfaces to allow computer equipment wires and cables to access power outlets and network connections. The design of the plastic desk cable usually includes two pieces: a sleeve that inserts in the surface hole and a cap with the cord opening that fits on top. Specific plastic desk grommets can include different sizes, shapes and construction. Our selection includes cable grommets for standard 2.5-inch hole diameters as well as 2.35-inch grommets. These grommets come in popular black umber and dark tone color options. Wholesale orders are welcome!

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